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Complete set of carbon clutch shoes for JVD-RC Clutch.

Complete set consisting of:

– 4 carbon clutch shoes – 3 sets of 4 springs in diameter 0.9 mm (green), 1.0 mm (gold) and 1.1 mm (silver)

Product Description

Installation of new shoes and springs is simple:

The (dis-) assembly of the clutch shoes and springs is easy because the crown feathers of the truss during installation.

Disassembly:  Proceed as follows:  1. loosen the central nut and remove it.  2. Lift with a screwdriver the crown slightly so it comes loose from the pins.  3. Turn the crown counterclockwise (counterclockwise) and the springs unwind.  4. take the crown and remove the shoes of the pins.


Proceed as follows:  1. Put the spring of the desired diameter with the long side in the hole on the inside of the clutch shoe. Do this for each of the four shoes.  2. Gently move the shoe with a spring on the pin.  3. Place the crown so that the slots at the bottom of the feathers intervene. The four holes in the crown will be about midway between the pins to be placed. Press the crown down while you left (counter clockwise). You can exert this the feathers.  4. If the crown above the pin holes near the last bit, you can run with tweezers.  5. If the holes over the pins to press the crown to the pins. This need not be very strong.  6. Attach the coupling on the shaft of the motor using the supplied brass cone and the special nut.  7. The center is the coupling nut firmly onto the shaft and the crown on the fixed pins.

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